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EXCLUSIVE: ALDI Responds To “Incompatible” Adaptor Claims

Over the weekend, a multi-port lightning adaptor sold in ALDI’s recent Special Buys sale, had attracted criticism from sceptical consumers who claim the product will not work due to compatibility issues.

The adaptor in question, which costs $9.99, is advertised to plug into a smartphone’s lightning port, while also offering users three more ports to play with – a headphone jack, lightning headphone jack and a charging port.

Once ALDI posted the product online though, the supermarket giant attracted comments of criticism from several members of the public who claimed the adaptor will not work due to compatibility issues with iPhone smartphones.

ALDI responded to ChannelNews in a bid to reassure consumers that the adaptor in question will in fact work as they always have stringent quality processes in place with all of their products.

“All of our products are extensively tested to ensure they meet best practice and industry standards before they become available to customers in store,” an ALDI Australia spokesperson said.

“Our Lightning Headphone Adaptor was tested in three different configurations and all functions work as advertised.”

“Since the sale of the Adaptor on Saturday, October 19, we have not received any customer enquiries or complaints related to its functionality. From social media feedback, we have seen many positive comments from happy customers.”

ALDI also would like to remind customers that if they indeed do have any issues with the adaptor, or any of their products, they have a 60-day customer satisfaction guarantee and will offer a full refund if the product is returned in-store with proof of purchase.

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