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EXCLUSIVE: Acer Wins $105M NSW Education Contract

After reporting a 173% jump in profits for the last financial year Acer Australia has beaten out several leading PC brands to win the $105 Million-dollar, NSW Education department tender, this is the biggest education contract in Australia.

Recently the Taiwanese Company who are also #1 in the PC gaming market with their Predator and Nitro PC’s, won the tender to supply the ACT  and WA  WA education departments, the Company is also a major supplier of PC’s to private sector schools.

The NSW contract also includes a 3-year extension.

Among the products chosen by the department is the all new Acer Travel Mate X5 notebook that weighs sub 1 kilo as well as several Acer Spin notebooks as well as a range of Chromebooks.

According to Acer Australia Sales Director Rod Bassi Acer is now “accelerating supply into the NSW Education Department with the Company set to hold inventory for the department”.

In Victoria Acer has also been included as an ‘All Of Government’ supplier with several brands including Lenovo, MSI and ASUS failing to make the shortlist.

In the ACT Acer is supplying the department with several million dollars-worth of PC’s that will rise from 9,000 units to over 15,000 units.

“Currently we are collaborating with the NSW, ACT and WA Education departments to deliver consistence in our supply chain and the right sort of support”.

In other developments in the education market,  Acer is working closely with the University of Technology in Sydney (UTS) on an advanced learning system that allows teachers to monitor real time the engagement of students using notebooks or portable device for their studies.

According to Bassi the program is one of “most exciting” projects that Acer has been involved in with overseas education departments taking note of the developments taking place in Australia.

How the system works is that a notebook or portable device is hooked into a system that delivers data to a screen seen by the teacher.

The teacher knows what the student is typing and what he or she is reading. If a student turns their head away from the screen the observer is able to monitor the movement.

The project has the potential for further extension to detect learner frustration and hesitation claims UTS.

Acer CEO Darren Simmons seen with the new system

‘Determining when, and why, this happens is an essential step towards customised teaching and learning and is integral to improving student experience and wellbeing’ a UTS executive said.

ACER and Intel are partners in the program.

Bassi believes the relationship with “most education departments in Australia and what they are doing with UTS, can transform education and be crucial in preparing students for the future.

Currently 200 Data Science students are participating in the UTS x Acer Learner Attention Analytics Pilot Program, testing traditional teaching approaches that rely on a standardised curriculum, and looking for insight into learner behaviour to help develop personalised learning methods for classrooms of the future claims UTS.

Acer Oceania managing director Darren Simmons added that the analytics platform being developed is OS-agnostic to accommodate the popularity of different devices and operating systems in use across the education sector.

“In addition to education, it will also assist technology providers, such as Acer, to develop new computers and software applications and behaviour-aware computer technology to better facilitate the changing needs of the education sector.”

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