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EU Privacy Law Breach Results In $19 Million Fine For Meta

Parent company of social media platforms Facebook and Instagram Meta has been issued a 17-million-euro ($19 million USD) fine for violating European privacy laws. 2018 saw a series of data breaches occur on the Facebook platform.

The Irish Data Protection Commission believes that Facebook “failed to have in place appropriate technical and organizational measures”.

For the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the 2018 Facebook breach was the first case of its kind. The violation affected up to 50 mullion accounts, with 12 breach notifications, some of which were caused by a bug on Facebooks end that allowed external developers to access millions of users photos and data.

Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Another first for the EU’s GDPR was that their data protection law pushed bloc privacy regulators to impose penalties as high as 4% of the annual revenue of a company, when it comes to the most severe violations. However, tension and frustration is rising in regards to how long the Irish watchdog is taking to carry out assessment of companies such as Meta and Apple Inc.

In comparison to past fines, 17-million-euro is quite small. WhatsApp was charged 225 million-euro in 2021, while Amazon was charged with a record high 746-million-euro.

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