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Epson Releases PC Tool For Multilingual Voice Data

Epson has launched a new tool that enables developers of voice-controlled home electronics, health and fitness equipment, and industrial equipment to easily make their products multilingual by embedding the IC.

The new tool is compatible with Epson’s existing 32-bit microcontroller and audio playback IC (S13C31D50 and S1V3G340), which support four languages – American English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The new product supports another eight languages: American Spanish, British English, Canadian French, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. The voice pitch and speed for each are adjustable.

It can create high-quality voice data in all these languages from text for the Epson audio playback microcontroller and IC, or it can use existing voice data from WAV files. A speech generation list within the tool can be output to an Excel file and vice versa.

Epson is bundling the tool with evaluation boards and is giving it to customers of the S1C31D50 microcontroller and S1V3G340 IC for free.

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