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Epson And DJI Partnership Pairs Smart Glasses And Drones

Epson has partnered with DJI in a move pairing its Moverio augmented reality smart glasses with DJI’s drone technology, providing pilots first person views from the drone camera, while maintaining line of sight with their aircraft.

Epson states that the partnership will “enhance the safety, productivity and capabilities” of unmanned aerial vehicles for both hobbyists and professionals, with one of its first initiatives to see DJI optimise the DJI Go app for the Epson Moverio BT-300 AR smart glasses, due for launch in late 2016.


“With the app and the Moverio glasses, drone pilots will be able to see crystal clear, transparent first person views (FPV) from the drone camera, while simultaneously maintaining their line of sight with their aircraft,” Epson states.

“The DJI Go app works with the DJI Phantom, Inspire and Matrice series flying platforms, as well as the Osmo handheld gimbal and camera.”

Under the partnership, the two companies will co-market the Moverio BT-300 as a certified DJI accessory, along with the DJI Go app, in certain markets.

“We believe this partnership with DJI will revolutionise how UAV pilots operate their aircraft in this fast-growing industry, now and into the future,” Eric Mizufuka, Epson America product manager, new ventures, commented.

“In addition to validating Epson’s investment in its Moverio line, this is the first time AR smart glasses will be widely available for a mass-market consumer application, marking an historic milestone in the evolution of the category.”

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