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Epic Games Slams Google’s App Payment Stunt

Google announced it would begin a ‘pilot program’ to allow app developers to use their own billing systems in their apps, a move that could quickly change the industry.

However, Epic Games, whose lawsuits against both Google and Apple have thrust this issue into the limelight, isn’t sold by Google’s ‘pilot’, which only includes audio streaming giant Spotify at the moment, with both companies scant on details.

“Apple and Google continue to abuse their market power with policies that stifle innovation, inflate prices and reduce consumer choice,” Corie Wright, Epic’s VP of public policy, said.

“One deal does not change the anticompetitive status quo. We will continue to fight for fair and open platforms for all developers and consumers and work with policymakers and regulators to hold these gatekeepers accountable for their anticompetitive conduct.”

Epic confirmed that it is not part of Google’s pilot program.

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