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Elgato Unveil First Home Kit-Ready Power Outlet For Oz

Elgato have announced they’ll be bringing the first smart home power outlet designed for use with Apple’s Home Kit platform to Australia, alongside several other smart home devices.

Branded as the “Eve” family of devices, the range includes a power connector, indoor and outdoor air sensors, a normal motion sensor along with dedicated door and window sensors. It’s rounded out by the free Eve app, available through the app store.

Once setup, the range is able to connect directly to iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV using Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing users to easily control their home using just Siri.

“Creating a product that can control your home is only half the challenge. Making something so simple to install, and a joy to use, is what sets our products apart,” says Markus Fest, CEO of Elgato.

“Eve makes your home smarter, without making it more complicated. It’s the most elegant way to control and monitor your home,” he says.

The standard Eve Energy power outlet connector, Eve Motion detector and Eve Weather sensor will be available from the Apple Store for A$85 (NZ$89) each.

The Eve Door & Window sensor is a little cheaper at $69 while the indoor temperature sensing Eve Room is priced at $139.

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