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Cheap ECOVACS Robotic Cleaner Now At Aldi

App Control

Partnered with ALDI Special Buys, ECOVACS have released a new model of robotic vacuum cleaner designed specifically with Australia in mind.

The new model, named the DEEBOT NEO, is aimed to be an industry leader in the market, after interest in autonomous vacuum cleaners was reported to be at an all time high. ECOVACS claim that the new model is a massive standout compared to others in the market, particularly those sold at ALDI.

Mopping features

Credit: ECOVAC

β€œIt is full of high-end features, including double the suction power of previous models sold at ALDI, as well as the industry-leading mopping and mapping and a range of other functionality too.”

Features include TrueMapping Technology, app control, carpet detection, 110 minute runtime, OZMO™ simultaneous vacuuming and mopping and much more.

β€œIt is hoped that by squeezing as much high end technology into this new model, that more people will be open to trying a robot vacuum for the first time by Ecovacs, a market leader in Australia.”

Previously, the DEEBOT NEO was only available on the ECOVACS website for $799, but is available at $399 as part of ALDI Special Buys.

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