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Echodyne Develop New Drone Radar

Echodyne says it has successfully tested a new “detect and avoid” radar with a small commercial drone, paving the way for the market to begin offering safer and better products that incorporate the technology.

Echodyne’s new radar uses metamaterials technology that enables the radar to deliver high-performance electronic scanning in a slimmer and more cost-effective form factor than previously thought possible.

The “detect and avoid” technology will a drone to see moving and stationary obstacles using a kind of radar vision as it flies through the airspace beyond line of sight of its human operator.

“It’s great to see our technology performing in real-world field tests exactly as designed,” said Echodyne founder and CEO Eben Frankenberg, in a statement.

“This test brings us one step closer to fulfilling Echodyne’s mission to make the world a safer place by enabling cars, drones, and other vehicles to sense the world around them,” said Tom Driscoll, founder and chief technology officer of Echodyne.

Within the drone manufacturing industry, there’s a widespread sentiment that future drones will likely need such radar systems in order safety (and, in some cases, legally) navigate beyond their operator’s line of sight.

The company say the MESA-DAA radar will be making its way to market over the next few months.

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