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Vodafone “Superfast” Internet Hits

Vodafone "Superfast" Internet Hits Vodafone are claiming “lightning-fast” data speeds on its Cat 4 4G mobile broadband devices.

Its new ‘Category 4’ (‘Cat 4’) Mobile Broadband USB dongle and Pocket WiFi hotspot, are capable of theoretical speeds of up to 150Mbps downlink, although in real life its likely closer to 100Mbps, or less. 
Vodafone already claim to have the fastest 4G mobile network speeds in Sydney and Melbourne on its 20MHz spectrum, outrunning Telstra and Optus. 
Voda’s Wi-Fi hotspot to connect up to ten devices at once, and starts at $27 per month for 2.5GB data, $35 for 4GB and $45 for 8GB. The dongle costs $25 for 2.5GB internet data and $48 for 8GB.  
These prices are slightly higher than its existing 3G+ mobile internet devices. 
The red telco is offering a 15 percent discount for existing postpaid customers, until 2 April 2014.
Australians are ditching fixed internet connections in favour of the portability of mobile data, says Vodafone’s General Manager of Devices, Katie Turkal. 
There is strong demand for mobile internet, especially from people who don’t want a fixed-broadband connection, students, those in share accommodation, she said.
Vodafone claim 4G can offer speeds up to two and a half times faster than a standard ADSL connection.
According to the OECD, wireless broadband penetration in Australia surged 13% between December 2012 – June 2013. 
There were 6.15 million mobile wireless internet subscribers recorded in June last, an increase of five per cent on 2012.
“Mobile internet is becoming increasingly popular and people want access to fast reliable data speeds,” Turkal added.