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Internode Attack: Free Mobile + Net ‘Bundles’

The Adelaide based telco is going hard on its newly launched NodeMobile, offering six months free plan for customers who bundle the service with Internode ADSL broadband and phone or Fetch TV,on its ‘Summer SIM’ deal.

The free SIM-only plan is $20 NodeMobile Value plan, includes a monthly quota of $450 standard calls and text; $1000 of calls to other NodeMobiles and 3GB data – 1.5 GB data and 150 GB for use on social media like Facebook, Twitter.

Higher plans with increased allowances are also available.

However, customers wishing to avail of the deal will have to sign up to a 24 month ADSL broadband and phone contract.

The offer is also available if you purchase Fetch TV service or for existing customers who re-sign a 24 month broadband contract, Internode said today, as it looks to increase its customer base. 

You can also get the free mobile deal with new 24-month Naked ADSL contracts.

The move towards is the latest bid by Internode to up the ante against rivals, after Telstra recently announced the intended purchase of Adam Internet, a fellow Adelaide based telco.

It is also further signalling the move to ‘treble play’ bundling of Pay TV services, broadband and voice in one deal something which Foxtel is said to kick off in the near future, bundling Telstra services.

“This is a great incentive that rewards customers who bring their phone to NodeMobile and commit to a 24-month broadband service,” said Internode Product Manager, Jim Kellett.

“The generous call quotas and large data allowances of NodeMobile Value ensures this plan lives up to its name – especially when customers get free setup and six month in NodeMobile Value credits for free.”