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HTC ‘New One’ To Hijack Samsung S5?

HTC HTC to launch something big next week. But so are its arch rivals.   HTC’s new hero phone is to premier just a day after Samsung S5 launches in Australia, it has emerged. 

The Taiwanese giant sent a media invite yesterday for the local unveiling of a new device to be held on March 27,  indicating “the best phone is about to get better.” 

The “better” phone is believed to be the M8, also known as HTC “New One”. 

Image credit: Phone Arena

It will be unveiled on March 25th in the UK, and is believed to be going on sale immediately in that market, which could also come to pass here. 

The HTC launch will be just one day after Samsung unveils its hero phone Galaxy S5 in Australia, which is due to go one sale in early April, meaning HTC could have a slight timing advantage. 

The 2014 version of the One smartphone, hailed as one of the best Androids of last year, is rumored to have larger scratch resistant 5″ Full HD screen, duo camera with better focus and ‘3D effects’, and HTC Sense 6.0, and running a a quad-core 2.3Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.

A leaked Telstra document last week, indicated the telco will be selling the device on a $70 a-month plan (+extra $10) or $840 to buy outright.

Telstra are also apparently offering a trade in of “up to $400” on old phones for a new One. 

HTC gave a preview to select number of journalist this week, and will be hoping the all New One will turn their fortunes around after a rough 2013, when it reported plunging sales, profits as it battles stalwarts Samsung and Apple.