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Dyson Launches Bulb-Less Desk Lamp

Dyson has unveiled its new Dyson Lightcycle task light, which is designed to improve visual acuity with over 1,000 Lux brightness, glare protection and low optical flicker.

The Lightcycle task light (Desk) is available in two colours (White/Silver and Black) with a recommended Australian retail price of $799.

According to Dyson, the Lightcycle “maintains light quality for 60 years, thanks to Heat Pipe technology”.

The Lightcycle provides a uniform pool of high-quality, powerful light, while the addition of a heptagonal reflector split by a layer of PMMA diffusion film evenly mixes light and helps create a single light source for high-shadow quality.

With intelligent local daylight tracking, light continually adjusts its colour temperature and brightness in relation to local daylight, providing “the right light for the right time of day”.

It uses a unique time, date and location riven algorithm to calculate the colour temperature and brightness of daylight, anywhere in the world.

Software validation was supported by data from over a million satellite-based measurements of light conditions in the Earth’s atmosphere at different times of the day.

A 32-bit microprocessor on board the Lightcycle task light continually interprets this daylight data, communicating it to the optical driver for dynamic colour tuning.

“Light matters to our well-being and task performance,” said Jake Dyson, chief lighting engineer at Dyson.

“When trying to recreate the characteristics of daylight, light quality is vital, so we developed a way to protect it for the long-term.”

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