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Dyson Pulls Back On COVID-19 ‘CoVent’ Ventilators

Dyson’s vision for 10,000 ‘CoVent’ ventilators appears to be slowing before even really taking off. The BBC reported that Dyson Founder Sir James Dyson told staff that the UK government did not need to acquire as many of the ventilators as originally thought, and that health providers were only using a quarter of the devices that were currently available.

At this stage it looks like there is likely to be an oversupply. Last week the government ordered 15,000 ventilators from a manufacturer that had already gained the necessary regulatory approvals, VentilatorChallengeUK.

In addition, the UK Health Secretary has cut the number of required ventilators in half compared to late-March estimates, predicting the country will need just 18,000 in total.

In late March Dyson told employees the UK government had placed an order for 10,000 ventilators, a claim that the authorities denied. At the time, the government said any design must pass all the standard regulatory tests before an order would be placed.

From there, Dyson rapidly produced a design for the new ventilators. The company has reportedly spent some £20 million on this project, though James Dyson has said he will fund this endeavour himself.

The Cabinet Office has said that tests on the new ventilators are still ongoing.

CoVent Dyson prototype image

Design for Dyson’s CoVent ventilator

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