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Dyson Air Purifying Fans Launch Ahead Of Spring

Vacuum cleaner specialist, Dyson, has further expanded its home appliance arsenal, launching its new air purifying fans in Australia ahead of hayfever season.

Available now, the new ‘Pure Cool’ fans claim to capture 99.95% of fine particles, including microscopic allergens or pollutants as small as 0.1 microns.

Available in either a large tower format (A$799) or small desk variant (A$649), the new fans claim to automatically and efficiently purify “every corner of the room.”

Vice President Dyson Health and Beauty, Paul Dawson, asserts effective air purification requires more than a fan filter.

He affirms automatic sensors, an ability to capture gases and ultrafine particles, plus project clean air throughout a room is required.

Incorporating a 360-degree fully-sealed filter system, the fans combine an activated carbon filter – to remove gases – with a Glass HEPA filter.

An embedded LCD screen reports home pollutants in real time, automatically customising settings via Dyson’s specialist algorithm.

Purified air is dispelled around the room via Air Multiplier™ technology and new 350⁰ oscillation project, with ‘Fan mode’ and ‘Diffused mode’ offering year round usage.

Latest research from YouGov reveals 37% of Australians don’t know what the term ‘indoor air pollutants’ mean.

Pollutants such as urban pollution, pollen, pet dander and disintegrated faeces, scented candles, indoor paints and cooking fumes claim to significant impact indoor air quality – a fact the new Pure Cool fans claims to remedy.

Dyson asserts its new Pure Cool fans have been specifically tested to meet real home requirements, outside of standard lab conditions.

Incorporating 9 sensors to detect particles “300 times narrower than a human hair”, the fans also deploy 3D mapping technology.

Local retailers will receive Dyson’s Pure Cool fans in September, with further information available on Dyson’s website here.



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