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Drone Pilots Fight Deregulation

Drone Pilots Fight Deregulation

Professional drone operators are hoping that new laws to deregulate the commercial operation of drone aircraft won’t see the light of day.

Peak group Australian Certified UAV Operators (ACUO) has enlisted the International Aerospace Law and Policy Group to help it put its case to government to fight the legislation, which will allow commercial operators to fly without a licence drones weighing less than 2kg from the end of this month.

The group thinks deregulation will lead to an increase in civilian accidents.

“This amendment allows people to fly drones up to 2kg in weight, without any training, insurance, registration or certification. It will open Pandora’s box in terms of new dangers for airlines and the general public,” ACUO’s president Joe Urli said.

Operators must still obey standard flight rules, which are not to fly within 5.5km of an airport, above 400 feet or within 30 metres of buildings, railways or vehicles, and always to have line of sight of the drone.

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