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Don’t Expect A Lot Out Of Apple’s WWDC This Year

Apple sales are in decline and if Steve Jobs had still been around the upcoming Apple World Wide Developers Conference would have been an event that you simply could not miss…. today you can expect a lot of upgrades to existing products and not a lot more.

Apple’s 27th Worldwide Developer Conference that will run from June 13 – 17 in San Francisco, is not being held at the Moscone Centre, instead it will take place take place at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium which is a larger venue and at nearly $2,000 a ticket to attend Apple could well be looking at the event as a profit earner.

What Apple will announce is anyone’s guess.

WWDC 2015’s big announcement was Apple Music, which at the time was no secret, 12 months on the service is bumbling along after Apple spent billions buying up Beats to get access to their music subscribers.

Also at last year’s event they unveiled OS X El Capitan, with its big Spotlight Search improvements, performance tweaks, and pinned Safari tabs.

On the mobile front we caught our first glimpse of iOS 9, as well as WatchOS 2 for the Apple Watch.

And as usual expect updates to the Apple iOS.

Apple will undoubtedly use its big software-focused show to talk about its biggest software platform.

This year’s iOS 10 could be a big one, as its arrival will likely coincide with the launch of a brand new iPhone design. This should necessitate some fundamental software tweaks.

Earlier reports suggest that Apple Pay could be in for an update too, with a new person-to-person payment feature mooted.


Apple’s other big software platform is, of course OS X. Rumour has it, however, that Apple will be changing the name of its desktop OS to fit its other platforms.

In line with iOS, tvOS, and WatchOS, some believe that we’ll see OS X morph into MacOS.

Apple TV

As usual with WWDC expect to get an update to tvOS. The current version has only been in the market for six months, so don’t expect a lot.

Many are expecting Apple to unveil a new MacBook Pro this year. This makes sense, given that the current MacBook Pro range sports a design that dates back to 2012.

Currently sales of MacBook’s are down over 15%.

Apple Watch

Rumour has it that we’ll see the Apple Watch 2 at this year’s show. If so, it would mark around 21 months since the unveiling of the first Apple Watch.

Reports suggest that the second-generation smartwatch will be 20 to 40 percent thinner than the first iteration. We just hope that it will be significantly faster and longer-lasting.

With new rules set to improve the Apple Watch app experience from June 1, this one makes a lot of sense.

In all not a lot but then again it is Apple and their believers flock to the event if it does cost $2K a person.

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