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DJI’s First Ground-Based Bot Rolls Out In Oz

DJI has announced its first ground-based robot, the RoboMaster S1, which is built to introduce new users to robotic technology, is now available for purchase in Australia.

The new RoboMaster S1 is a highly advanced rover designed to give new users an easy introduction to AI, engineering and robotics, and is available for purchase on the DJI website or through authorised Australian retailers for $899.

The S1 comes with powerful brushless motors, a chassis that can move in all directions, a high-precision gimbal, as well as interactive modes for programming, play and competition.

It also comes with simple controls, a dedicated RoboMaster app, easily navigable menus, and a whole bunch of tutorials to assist newcomers with all the advanced features offered.

“DJI is powered by passionate engineers with the continued desire to push the boundaries of technology,” said Frank Wang, DJI Founder & CEO.

“We developed the RoboMaster S1 with the next generation of innovators in mind, making robotics and programming not just more accessible, but also an entertaining and academic experience.”

The S1 is equipped with 31 sensors to help map the world around it, including six on its intelligent body armour, which is used to detect hits.

On top of the S1 frame is a first-person view (FPV) camera that sends a stabilised live feed from the S1 to the RoboMaster app.

It features a specialised mechanical gimbal with an infrared and non-toxic gel bead called Blaster, which automatically limits launching rate and angle to help ensure safety.

The S1 is also modular with DJI parts and includes six Pulse Width Modulation and one S-bus control port, which allows users to take advantage of third-party hardware.

In terms of more advanced features, users can write Scratch 3.0 or Python code to program their own unique S1 functions – from how it moves, to increasing efficiency and optimising the torque of the four wheels.

Users also have the ability to write their own programs and add them as custom skills, which can be used during gameplay.

Another new feature is the integration of a musical app that allows users to play and write original songs in the programming interface.

Additionally, using the advanced FPV camera and machine vision technology, S1 can demonstrate autonomous driving. By designing a line-course with the provided tape, the S1 will follow the path and even register simulated street signs using the vision markers.

Finally, new updates for the S1 have been announced to be made available via firmware in November, adding several new features like Intercom, MasterBoard and Conquest Mode.

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