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Dior Partner With Sennheiser

Sennheiser have announced a new partnership that will see the audio specialists partner with fashion brand Dior to release special variants of its HD800 headphones, HDVD 800 amplifier, PXC 550 wireless noise-cancelling travel headphones and IE 800 ear-canal headphones.

According to Oliver Berger, head of global design management at Sennhesier, “We have combined our respective areas of passion and expertise to make the ultimate appeal to the sense.”

“Like Sennheiser, Dior has a proud seven-decade history of uncompromising craftsmanship and excellence.”

“The Dior Homme X Sennheiser Collection combines sophisticated bold aesthetics,exquisite materials and the cutting edge of audio technology”

The pitch here is that the two companies will doing what they do best and combining cutting-edge tech with cutting edge fashion.

Kris Van Assche, artistic director of Dior Homme, says that “music has always been an integral part of my creative process and also an extended journey during my shows. The collaboration with Sennhesier seemed as a natural and logical outcome.”

The Dior Homme X Sennhesier range will be available to purchase from Dior Boutiques and Sennheiser stores from mid-June.

Australian pricing is to be announced.

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