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Digital Platforms Code Tipped For Year End Amid Google Fuss

The Federal Government is reportedly set to push legislation for the upcoming digital platforms code into parliament by year end, despite former opposition from the likes of Google and Facebook.

Reported by The Australian, Communications Manager Paul Fletcher claims legislation is slated to be introduced into parliament by the end of the calendar year.

The local code is set to be among the first to mandate compensation payments to media companies, in exchange for content used by digital giants such as Google and Facebook.

Both Google and Facebook have engaged in campaigns to warn the Australian public of negative effects prompt by the mandatory digital code.

Reports suggest the ACCC will submit its final code to the Australian government in the next fortnight.

The news comes as other global government bodies further scrutinise the market power of digital tech giants, with the ACCC’s involvement in the code  hotly watched by other international authorities.

Back in August, Google published an ‘open letter to Australians’, asserting the proposed News Media Bargaining Code would force the tech giant to offer a notably worse Google Search and YouTube experience.

The company claimed such a code could also threaten its free services in Australia.

“Over the past few weeks, we’ve been really clear that we do not oppose a code of conduct governing the relationship between news media and digital platforms like Google,” reads Google’s updated open letter to Aussies.

“We’re proposing changes to the draft law to enable us to get to a workable code, so we can all move on to building a strong digital economy for Australia’s future”

“We’ll keep doing everything we can to make sure the final version of the law is better and fairer — that it works for you, and for Australia.”

Read the full updated letter on Google’s website here.


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