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Dick Smith Senate Inquiry Stopped Claims Of A Report Misleading

Dick Smith Senate Inquiry Stopped Claims Of A Report Misleading

Claims that the Federal Economics Reference Committee was set to release a report today into the collapse of Dick Smith has been described as misleading.

Appliance Retailer who last week claimed that they had an exclusive interview with newly appointed Samsung Vice President of Consumer Carl Rose, an interview that both Rose and Samsung, claim never took place has again run into a facts problem.

Yesterday they claimed that Federal Economics Reference Committee will today deliver a report into the Dick Smith collapse.

The only problem is that the committee was abandoned two weeks ago following the calling of the Federal Election and Double dissolution of both houses of parliament.

Former Committee members have told ChannelNews if the committee does re sit there is “no certainty” that the investigation of the Dick Smith collapse will continue.

An Economics Reference Committee executive said that the report was “misleading”.

The earliest any report could be released is September 2016” they said.

“There is also the possibility that the investigation by the Senate committee could be axed altogether” they added.

Appliance Retailer claimed that the Economics References Committee has spent the last three months trying to uncover the causes and consequences of the collapse of listed retailers in Australia – Dick Smith being the most notable in recent times – with receivers calling time on the business in February this year and 3,000 people out of a job.

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