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Di Data Brand Dies As NTT Regroups

The name Dimension Data is set to disappear as owner, Japanese telco giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) consolidates 28 subsidiary companies, including NTT Communications, Dimension Data and NTT Security, into one US$11 billion business.

NTT said the consolidation would give clients access to a more comprehensive range and greater depth of skills across multiple technologies and capabilities.

The move was first flagged last year by NTT, and in May Dimension Data announced: “From 1 July 2019, Dimension Data, NTT Security, and global business of NTT Communications will become NTT. There will, however, be some exceptions. The Dimension Data brand will be retained in Middle East & Africa. Businesses currently operating as Dimension Data in Japan will form part of our sister company, NTT Communications under NTT, Inc.”

The new business will be headquartered in London – despite the uncertainties created by Brexit – and employ around 40,000 people in offices in more than 70 countries.

NTT president and CEO, Jun Sawada said the company’s commitment to the UK remained extremely strong.

“We considered several locations as the headquarters for NTT Ltd and made a deliberate decision to choose London. It has many benefits, including a stable economy, wealth of skills and talent, diversity in population and thinking, strong infrastructure, schools and housing for global talent moving to the city.”