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Devialet Release Wireless, Compact Phantom Speaker

Devialet’s compact version of its flagship Phantom wireless speakers are now available in Australian stores in two power output models – 600W ($1,990) and 900W ($2,590).

The Phantom Reactor promises all of the features that comes with the larger Phantom speakers – no background noise, no saturation and no distortion – but in a lighter and more compact package.

Thanks to the opposing woofers and front full-range driver, the speaker is capable of delivering sounds from 18Hz up to 21Khz to deliver a better sound production.

Size-wise, the Phantom Reactor comes in a diminutive 219mm x 157mm x 168mm size – about a quarter the size of the Premium model – and weighs a bit under 5kgs.

Though the price point has dropped with the latest models, the spec list hasn’t, and the multi-room wireless speaker comes offers SBXC/AAC Bluetooth, a 3.5mm jack, Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay, UPnP and also comes with Chromecast support.

Devialet have also created some accessories specific for both models, including their ‘Cocoon’ – a hard carrying case with a water repelling exterior along with customer legs for mounting the reactor.

At the moment, the Phantom Reactors can’t be paired together to create true stereo, though, this will likely change with the upcoming software update.

For more information, please visit Devialet’s website.

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