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Devialet Releases All-New Phantom Wireless Speaker In Oz

French audio brand Devialet has released a successor to its popular wireless speaker, the Phantom with Australian media given a two finger salute when it comes to media announcements.

Phantom I is a next-generation model with new and improved amplification through Speaker Active Matching (SAM) technology, a wider soundstage and greater energy efficiency.

The speaker is Wi-Fi compatible with AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth, and uses Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) to provide deep, impactful bass and Active Cospherical Engine (ACE) for even distribution of output sound.

It comes in three different levels – the $3690 Phantom I 103DB, the $5490 Phantom I 108DB and the $5990 108DB Opera De Paris.

The first model ships in light chrome or matt black and can deliver a maximum volume of 103dB (between 16Hz and 25kHz).

The other two come with dark chrome and gold side panels and offers up to 108dB volume (between 14Hz and 27kHz).

Devialet describes the Phantom I as ‘anatomically unique’, claiming it “took over 80 specialists in aerodynamics, automobile, acoustics and mechanics to perfect a system capable of sustaining extreme physical conditions.”

“10 years of research and development and 25 million euros went into engineering the best sound in the world.”

The Devialet Phantom I models are available now through www.devialet.com.

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