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Demand For Smart TV’s ‘Booming”

TVs are getting smarter, and consumers are upgrading to the latest models that deliver Netflix and 4K viewing claim researchers.

In Q4 of 2015 half of all TVs shipped were smart TV’s, In Q1 2016 the demand for Ultra High Definition TV’s has taken off as prices fall and TV technology is pushed to new levels.

According to a new IHS Technology report, 48.5 percent of TVs shipped globally were smart TV models with a large percentage of the 2016 purchases being UHD.

In all, 34.2 million smart TVs were shipped in the fourth quarter, contributing to shipments breaking the 100 million mark for the first time in 2015.

IHS projects smart TV shipments hitting 109 million in 2016, and rising to 134 million in 2020.

In Australia demand for TV’s that deliver Netflix has surged from 36 percent to 54 percent.

The popularity of Netflix and other services is reinforcing demand in Australia and markets like the US and Europe, according to the IHS Technology TV Design and Features Tracker.

“Smart TV will continue to grow at a more gradual rate,” said Paul Gray, principal analyst, IHS Technology.

In Australia the demand for Netflix has also led to consumers upgrading their broadband packages said a Telstra executive.

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