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Demand For Enterprise Notebooks Soar

Demand for enterprise notebooks has already started to soar with brands such as Acer Dell and Lenovo reporting an increase in demand due to employees moving to work at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Currently the problem is supply with distributors unable to keep up with demand from retailers and resellers who are having to turn consumers away because of a shortage of stock. Some brands are now looking at airfreighting stock.

The demand began rising as the coronavirus pandemic swept across markets such as Australia, Europe and North America, prompting companies to ask employees to work from home to prevent the spread of the virus.

This has led to many home workers now looking for “better machines” said one analyst.

“You would be surprised how many corporate notebooks were old or still running Windows 7” said one IDC analyst.

The enterprise market’s PC replacement trend started when Microsoft terminated support for Windows 7 now ales momentum is being driven by rising demand for remote working and learning.

Several major enterprises including Telstra, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook have already asked their workers to work remotely, while many companies are trying to work out how to expand their networks to accommodate the new work from home employee.

Also, in demand are new smartphones with several brands ramping up orders with ODMs/OEM’s.

It was only a few weeks ago most of the makers had already cut their inventory levels 80-90% of clients’ estimation to prevent overstocking.

Most of the smartphone brands are still unable to have an accurate estimate of demand due to weak visibility claims DigiTimes.

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