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Delays Slam Major Retailer’s Christmas Stock

A broad range of Aldi’s Special Buys products will not arrive in store in time to go on sale this week, including a $100 light-up Christmas tree that was set to go on sale tomorrow, prompting the retailer to warn customers to “stay away”.

The Winchester Luxury Pre-lit LED Christmas Tree 7ft (213cm), along with a swathe of other Christmas deals including fairy lights, Christmas cards, and gift bags, have all been hit by the delays, with Queensland the only state expected to have stock tomorrow.

In a statement on its website, Aldi listed the products impacted by the delay, and blamed the Port Botany strike for the supply chain disruption.

“Many products destined for Port Botany port are currently being diverted to Brisbane and Melbourne ports. This is creating congestion and delays across all shipping ports. It also means that many products require further transportation by truck to get them where they need to go.

“Altogether this is adding many unaccounted days to their travel and in some cases, it is causing products to not be available as planned,” the retailer said.

Aldi says the products should be delivered later this week, or over the weekend.

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