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DarkSide Get Their Money As Cyber-Attacks Escalate

A major US fuel pipeline has reportedly paid cyber-criminal gang DarkSide nearly US$5 million in ransom, following a cyber-attack that is causing fuel shortages in parts of the USA.

Colonial Pipeline suffered a ransomware cyber-attack last week and took its service down for five days.

Major US news outlets reported that Colonial had paid the ransom, but the company has said it won’t comment on the issue.

Japanese consumer tech giant Toshiba said its European division in France had also been hit by the same cyber-criminal gang last week. However, the company emphasised that no data leaks had been detected and that only a minimal amount of work data was lost during the event.

A cyberattack has also hit Irish health service computer systems in what the Irish Government has described as possibly the most significant cybercrime attack on the Irish state.

Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin said he had consulted with cyber security experts and the state would not be paying a ransom.

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