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Sony Slumps As Consumers Reject The Brand

Sony Slumps As Consumers Reject The Brand

The Japanese Company who is bleeding losses globally has slumped into sixth place in a new survey of consumers conducted by Square Holes; Apple is now the most loved brand in Australia.

The survey looked beyond brand awareness to evaluate how connected consumers feel to brands, looking at touch points such as store experiences, advertising and the impact of social media.

Jason Dunstone, managing director of Square Holes, said that consumers saw popular brands as being complimentary to their lifestyles and supporting them in their daily lives.

Sony, who has never made a profit selling TV’s and has lost billions selling games and gaming consoles has also witnessed a high staff churn in Australia with their Sales Director and Marketing Director both quitting the struggling subsidiary during the past 12 months.

Also on the nose were Telstra and Optus with both telecommunication carriers falling out of the top 10

Both Virgin and Ford entered the top 10 while Qantas managed to improve its position on the list since the last survey in 2010, coming in fourth, just behind Apple, Cadbury and Holden.

Dunstone claimed that none of the brands making the list could be considered aspirational.

“There is a world of difference between brands that just create awareness and those which achieve a real connection and affinity with people,” Mr Dunstone said.

He said that traits which lifted the top 10 brands above their rivals included authenticity and relevance.

The survey included in-home interviews and online polling of 1000 people aged between 18 and 65.


1. Apple

2. Cadbury

3. Holden

4. Qantas

5. Toyota

6. Sony

7. Ford

8. Samsung

9. Virgin

10. Coca Cola