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World Debut For Shower Powered Radio

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The world’s first shower powered radio from the UK based Tango Group.

The team that commercialised the award-winning Wind-Up Radio has launched the world’s first FM radio that is powered entirely by water.

The H20 brand, which was first showcased in the UK on the hit BBC TV programme, Dragon’s Den, has been developed by the Tango Group, which has patented a micro turbine concept used in the radio that is powered solely through the motion of water flowing through the small turbine.

The convenient and energy-efficient shower powered radio, means users can listen to their favourite radio stations while in the shower.

The water flows through the micro turbine to drive a generator creating energy to power the radio, and is even more convenient since the radio is recharged as the shower runs, dispelling the need for disposable batteries.

Turning on automatically when the shower is used, the H2O Shower Powered Radio memorises the last chosen radio station and speaker volume.

The radio even allows users to carry on listening after the shower is turned off; using any excess energy stored in an integral Ni-Mh rechargeable cell.

Installing the H2O Shower Powered Radio is simple, with no need for tools. The small, slim design slots directly on to the faucet of the shower; placing the radio in a position to use the steady flow of water on its way to the shower head, without impinging or getting in the way of the shower user.

The radio is also waterproof, receiving a waterproof rating in line with the IP44 industry standard.

The patented H2O micro turbine technology is the latest technology from the H2O design labs, owned by the Tango Group.

Inventor Vivian Blick is also a former director of Freeplay Energy Group, the company behind the commercialisation of the Wind-up Radio, which was invented by Trevor Baylis OBE in the 1990s.

The Wind-up Radio was invented in order to help raise awareness of AIDS in Africa, where the cost of batteries or electricity made radios expensive or too difficult to access.

In June 1996 the Freeplay radio was awarded the BBC Design Award for Best Product and Best Design, for which Baylis was later awarded an OBE.

Vivian Blick, Managing Director of Tango Group, the owners of H2O, said: “Having seen huge success with the commercialisation of the Wind-Up Radio, we were constantly looking into new ways that further innovations in the radio sector could be made.

“Creating the now-patented micro turbine technology, that allows the radio to operate solely through the flow of water, was the key to our new innovation; and thus the world’s first water-powered shower radio was created.” 

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the H2O Shower Powered Radio; particularly given its presence as the only radio of its kind available on the market.

“The radio gives users a unique means of listening to the radio in the bathroom, without having to worry about the inconvenience that disposable batteries can cause.

With the clear sound, and excellent reception that the radio enjoys; we hope to encourage singing in the shower.”

For more information on the H20 shower powered radio, visit the company’s website here.