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REVEALED: Cabasse Satellites Speak In Volumes

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French speaker makers Cabasse has made a career out of pure sound delivery – and nothing else.

And among its new brood is the spectacular Alcyone 5.1 speaker system which includes a 5 x “speaker balls”, a Santorin 17 subwoofer, speaker and subwoofer cable.

The speakers which are wall mountable or sit well just on top of their wooofer are 8cm wide-band ICF driver, handling 50 W (350 at peak) on a frequency of 250-18,000 Hz, according to their makers.

However, if you want to buy stands it’ll cost you – a pair of speaker stands will set you back a further $299 for a pair.

A perfect complement to a dynamic sound system, these small but powerful speakers will pack a punch and fit discreetly in chosencorners throughout a room.

If a full system isn’t your thing you can purchase these speakers seperately for $249 and the sub woofer for $799.   Also in this series are Eole2 in-wall or ceiling satellite speakers with the same specifications as the speaker balls and come in white only, but are costly at $999.

Other satellite systems in the range are the Eole2 Series which offer more powerful sound than the Alcyone (pictured above) with a 2-way coaxial driver, 29mm soft dome tweeter and a 10cm P2C midrange tweeter and handles 70 W and up to 490W at peak.

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Apart from the sound, the other major difference is this 5 speaker and woofer set come with stands as included for $2499.

The satellites also have another fascinating feature – they can rotate at 180 degrees up and down and are positioned to hit the users to full effect whereever they are situated.

They come in two colour options- glossy white or black.

So considering the high pricetags, how are the Cabasse systems different to other branded sets?

Its all in the sound quality, says sound consultant Michael Adam from Encel retail store in Melbourne, who also own International Dynamics, distributors of the French made systems here in Australia.

“You can buy speakers for a quarter of the price, which might look similar but wont deliver nearly the same pure sound quality.”

“Eole are as close you can get in a 2-way system to the quality delivered by a 4-way,” says Adam who also reports customer interest in the brand, which has just re-entered the market here as “strong.”

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The French made Cabasse, which is owned by Canon, has its largest market in their native country, and are available in over 40 countries globally. They are distributed in Australia through International Dynamics.