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D-Link Expands Security Camera With New Multi Pack

D-Link ANZ has launched new multi-pack options and expanded its Omna range of security cameras.

The new offering includes OMNA Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Camera Kit 4-Pack, 3-Pack kit, and the Omna Wire-Free Wi-Fi Battery Camera add-on unit.

The new DCS-2803KT 3-Pack sells for (AUD$1099.95, NZ$1199.99) and the DCS-2804KT 4-Pack for (AUD$1299.95, NZ$1399.99).

Included in the camera kit are 100% Wire-Free Lithium battery powered cameras that have 135-degree Full HD resolution video recording at 24fps.

They also feature advanced adjustable PIR motion detection system and users can receive real-time notifications and remotely view live Full HD 1080p video with 2-way audio.

They also come with nightvision with up to 7.5m of clear video in complete darkness and the cameras work seamlessly with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Both the 3 and 4-kit packs come with complimentary 12-month Premium mydlink cloud recording subscription, which includes 14 days of video retention on up to five mydlink cameras.

The DCS-2800LH Omna Wire-Free Wi-Fi Battery Camera (AUD$349.95, NZ$349.99) is a single camera that can be used to add to an existing Omna Wire-Free Camera Kit, which is sold separately and features the same specifications as the cameras in the 3 and 4-kit packs.


It also comes with an IP65 waterproof camera body.

According to D-Link, its Omna Wire-Free Surveillance Kits and cameras meet the ever-increasing need for around-the-clock, smart home monitoring.

“They bring smart surveillance to all areas and with their significantly extended battery life thanks to powerful lithium batteries, the ability to record locally or to the cloud, combined with a complimentary 12-month subscription to the mydlink Cloud recording service,” D-Link said.

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