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D-Link Receives Court Support Against FTC Complaints

The American FTC (Federal Trade Commission) claims D-Link does not adequately protect its routers and IP cameras, however, this week a judge dismissed half of the commission’s complaints (3 of 6).

The FTC’s lawsuit against D-Link commenced in January of this year.

As part of its allegations, the FTC states D-Link’s IP cameras and routers are exposed to outside viewings of camera feeds and botneck attacks, due to insufficient protection.

The court dismissed the FTC’s complaints stating there was a lack of proof to back up half of its complaints.

The FTC suggested that consumers were harmed by the company’s security vulnerabilities, however, a court judge found there was insufficient evidence to support this claim.

Speaking of the ruling, a Californian district judge states:

“The FTC does not identify a single incident where a consumer’s financial, medical or other sensitive personal information has been accessed, exposed or misused in any way, or whose IP camera has been compromised by unauthorized parties, or who has suffered any harm or even simple annoyance and inconvenience from the alleged security flaws in the DLS devices”

“The absence of any concrete facts makes it just as possible that DLS’s devices are not likely to substantially harm consumers, and the FTC cannot rely on wholly conclusory allegations about potential injury to tilt the balance in its favour”.

The FTC retains the right to amend its complaint but must file the revision by October 20th.

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