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D-Link Launches Sophisticated Security Camera, But Only For Apple

D-Link have launched a new smart security camera to take on competitors like Netgear’s Arlo. However, limitations tied to Apple’s HomeKit could leave it lagging behind.

The Omna 180 Cam HD, which is the first product in the new Omna range from D-Link and also the first HomeKit-enabled camera, is designed to fit snugly into Apple’s ecosystem.

The device has a number of advantages over its competitors, with the ‘180’ in the name referring to the Omna’s wide 180-degree field of view. This allows the camera to see more than the typical 130-degree lenses found on other devices.

A microSD card can be inserted into the Omna to record video locally, and the camera itself is designed in a silver that matches many Apple devices. Additional features include two-way audio communications and night vision up to 5 metres.

If the camera detects any activity, a rich notification featuring a live camera feed can be delivered to the lock screen of an iPhone, iPad or even an Apple Watch.

“Omna is the first in our range of connected home devices that uses all of D-Link’s very latest technological advancements and features. Being the first to launch an Apple HomeKit-enabled camera makes this product and those to follow even more exciting for consumers,” said Graeme Reardon, D-Link’s ANZ MD.

Because the device is built around HomeKit, an iPhone or iPad is required. But even if you have one of these devices but no other Apple products, your experience with the Omna will be severely limited.

One of the most promoted features of the Omna, the ability to be what D-Link calls “always home” thanks to live video streaming, requires a 4th generation or later Apple TV (released in 2015) or an iPad running iOS 10.1 (see here for compatible devices). This device acts as a hub inside your home for accessing the camera feed remotely, and this feature will not work without it.

D-Link plans to add remote viewing directly via the Omna app in the future.

While competitors like Netgear and Belkin also offer cloud storage of recordings, no such functionality is currently available for the Omna.

The D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD is available now from Apple’s online store for $329.95, and will become available in Apple stores later this month.

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