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D-Link Launches New 4G Router

D-Link is bringing their new DWR-921 4G LTE router to Australian customers, rising to the challenge of providing quality internet connectivity in locations where neither ADSL nor cable are available.

The company says they’ve actually been designed for such situations – or even places where a mobile hotspot is required, such as outdoor events, tradeshows and construction sites.

It’s not for everyone, the audience it is for are sure to find it a valuable addition to their setup.

D-Link says the 921 can offer download speeds of up to 150Mps and upload speeds roughly a third of that figure.

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon said, “The DWR-921 is an ideal solution if broadband availability is an issue but 3G/4G Mobile connectivity is available.In this day and age, many people work from various locations, and it’s often not feasible to have a Fixed-Line Broadband service such as ADSL or Cable available in these areas. With the DWR-921 it’s as easy as sliding in a standard-sized SIM, and connecting to the Internet. You can then easily share this fast 3G/4G Internet connection with others at the work-site or at home, often with faster speeds than a Fixed-Line service.”

It can even be configured with a SIM or USIM card in order to share out a 4G LTE internet connection and you’re out of range for that, it’ll fall back to any available 3G connection.

The DWR-921 is available now through D-Link resellers for an RRP of  $249.95.

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