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D-Link Heading In New Direction As Voice Drives Networking Changes

Networking is heading in a new direction and voice and new connected home capabilities are driving change claims the MD of a leading networking Company, this has resulted in retailers rethinking their networking strategies.

Graeme Reardon the ANZ Managing Director of networking Company D-Link Australia said that networking is today become a lot more simplified than in the past with voice control and simple $39 sensors allowing owners to take control of a network issuing commands such as “turn off Xbox or gaming machine” or turn off broadband prior to a family meal now possible.

He also said that it is critical that retailers start selling the importance of networking when selling products such as TV’s or networked audio. “Streaming of content to a TV needs a fast highly capable router especially as the same router is being used for a new generation of IOT devices security cameras as well as a significant expansion in attached devices” he said.

Recently both JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys along with Harvey Norman moved to add more space to networking and related connected home products this is set to lead to growth for network Companies claims analysts.

D-Link that was recently voted Officeworks Partner Of The Year is this year rolling out several new products.

Last week the Company launched an all-new EXO Range of Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Routers that has two-year subscription to McAfee LiveSafe, which allows antivirus software to be installed on an unlimited number of computers, tablets and smartphones built in.This new generation of high-performance routers which range in price from $229 to $399 are built to handle the wireless demands of the modern home including streaming and online gaming and come with 880Mhz dual core processors built in.

According to Reardon D-Link is witnessing growth across several areas of their business including consumer, business solutions, national retail and in the volume channel. The Company has also invested heavily in online education with their local website giving both consumers and business a core insight into what they need, how networking products work and how to connect and deliver new networking capability.

“We are explaining how network products such as Powerline and range extenders can be used in a home to deliver expanded networking capability. Networking needs to be demystified and we are constantly talking to retailers as to how best to sell networking products which are an essential part of any home today”.

“Retail is getting complex especially when it comes to networking and the growth in connected home and voice products that rely on a strong home or business network to deliver optimum performance” he said.

“Products that talk to each other are proving popular whether it be a sound system or radio or a command to see the front door camera from a smartphone or a child protection camera, it’s a network and products like what D-Link delivers that allows seamless connectivity”. he added.

When D-Link first launched their $39 Smart Plug sales back in 2016, “Sales were slow” people did not understand the product and retailers were struggling to explain it’s capability said Reardon.

“In the first year we were lucky to have sold 500, now we are selling them in the thousands as both retailers and consumers realise the power of these devices.”.

He cited his wife as an example, “Now with a simple voice command she can control several aspects of our home network including controlling network access to children in their bedrooms while also getting easy access to a home security network” he said.

In the B2B market D-Link is also witnessing a lot of success as businesses expand their networking and camera security capability.

Shortly D-Link, will roll out their Nuclias solution in Australia.

This is a subscription-based, cloud-based network management solution that enables managed service providers and business owners to remotely configure and monitor their network infrastructures anywhere, at any time.

The all-new app and online portal will offer a range of flexible features including accessible at the touch of a button.

Reardon claims it will reduce cost and complexity for business owners.  It also offers zero-touch provisioning for ease of deployment and scalable architecture to support an unlimited number of devices.


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