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Customers Queue For Hours To Get Into Ikea

Yesterday, thousands of shoppers have reportedly queued for hours to get into newly reopened Ikea stores across England and North Ireland, leading Ikea to close carparks at some locations to stop lines from growing even longer.

According to the BBC, at the Ikea store in Warrington, England customers began queuing outside the store at 5.40am, for a 9.00am opening, with more than 1,000 lined up around the carpark at the peak.

Ikea implemented social distancing measures in the queues and in store. One Manchester shopper told the BBC: “We arrived just after 11:00 and had to queue for about an hour and a half before we were allowed into the store… However, once inside though the store was much emptier than usual, so it was very easy to stay a safe distance from the other shoppers.”

In Australia, Ikea stores have remained open but opening hours have been shortened at some locations.

In addition, Ikea Australia has temporarily closed the supervised children’s playroom SMÅLAND, and is limiting lifts to one person or one family group per trip, and is taking cashless payments only.

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