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Lost! Excuse Me, Do You Sell An Odd Bud?

Losing one earbud is the 21st century equivalent of losing one sock in the wash.

It’s frustrating, cumbersome and you just end up throwing the odd earbud out after a few weeks of desperate searching.

But dozens of users on online marketplaces such as Gumtree and Facebook are cashing in on this phenomenon by selling single earbuds from well-known brands such as Apple, JBL, Jabra and Bang & Olufsen.


Whether it be the left or right earbuds, ChannelNews has discovered an interesting trend of sellers attempting to offload 50% of their pre-loved products.

“I lost my right earbud and bought a new pair so I thought someone else might have gone through the same problem as I did,” one Gumtree user wrote on an ad.

“It’s frustrating that Jabra doesn’t sell single replacement earbuds – I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem.”

All of the brands which are being flogged as single earbuds online do not sell them separately through official channels.

Earbuds are only sold in pairs and many of these audio companies have not yet offered solutions to customers who have lost a single earbud.

Single earbuds are also being sold on eBay, with some sellers asking for $89 for a single left or right AirPod.

Apple does have a system under its spare parts/repair/warranty umbrella which offers AirPod users a new single AirPod if one is lost or broken.

Jabra, however, does not offer a replacement earbud program.

The company states on its website if one is lost: “Yes, you need to purchase a complete set of earbuds. Jabra true wireless earbuds are only sold in pairs. We do not recommend mixing the earbuds between different pairs, as this may affect intended product performance. You do not need to purchase a new charging case.”

Samsung does not offer a solution for its Galaxy Buds, instead instructing customers: “If you have you lost or misplaced one of your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Gear IconX earbuds or just prefer to listen with one, you can still enjoy your music. Just use your single earbud with the phone that both earbuds were previously paired to.”

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