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Customers Enraged By Vocus Sydney Data Centre Power Outage

Relied upon by many Australian retailers and brands, Vocus Sydney’s data centre experienced a “power outage” early yesterday morning, a matter which required “emergency maintenance” last night, and has reportedly enraged many customers.

Categorised with “High Impact” severity, power outage issues at Vocus Sydney’s Doody St data centre were recorded at 7:24am on Tuesday, February 13th.

By 2:20pm on February 13th, a notification informed customers that engineers were still working on the “remaining list of services that are down”.

Disclosed in a notification to Servers Australia customers, the site returned to “normal conditions” around 5:30am this morning.

Speaking to Servers Australia, the company affirms the matter has been largely resolved – notching back to a ‘Low Impact’ severity.

Servers Australia staff remained on site with “Vocus staff and various contractors” from 1:46am on February 14th, to monitor the situation and action remedy works.

The company affirms it has been working with Vocus to “obtain information on the root cause”.

According to iTNews, the power outage enraged many users of Vocus’ Sydney data centre –  problems with equipment continued to be reported yesterday, following the initial power loss.

The most recent notice to customers categorises the matter as a “Hazard window only”, with “no expected impact” to customer services.

Servers Australia states it will provide a full incident report on the matter within 5 – 7 days.

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