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Credit Card Fraud Expanding Down Under, Norton Warns

Credit Card Fraud Expanding Down Under, Norton Warns

Credit card fraud appears to be advancing sharply in Australia, with 19 percent of Australians reporting that they have experienced it, according to the latest Norton Cyber Security Insights Report, published by parent company Symantec yesterday.

That’s up sharply from the 13 percent who reported similar experiences in last year’s Norton report. And it makes Australia No 3 in the world for credit card fraud, behind the USA ( where 22pc reported experiencing it) and Canada (21pc).

Some other findings:

– While most Australians claim to use a secure password on every account, almost one in four (24 percent) are likely to share their password with others, negating their efforts;

– One in four connected home device users in Australia don’t have any protective measures in place for these devices;

– Some 43 percent of Australians who own connected home devices have left at least one unprotected, leaving themselves vulnerable to ransomware, malicious Web sites, zero days and phishing attacks; and

– Millennials exhibit “surprisingly slack” online security habits, with 40pc happy to share passwords that compromise their online safety.

“This is likely why they remain the most common victims of cybercrime,” sighed Norton.

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