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Could Foldable Screens Be Next Breakthrough For Smartphones?

The form-factor of smartphones has remained relatively static since Apple’s iPhone took off. However, that could be set to change in coming years with many of the major players in the tech industry reportedly developing flagship products that boast foldable displays. 

Last month, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was in the process of developing two smartphones that utilise AMOLED technology. 

One is said to feature a compact-like design that folds in on itself while the other unfurls to the screen size of a small tablet.

Bendable display solutions like this could be a big move for the smartphone industry, offering improvements in both screen size and protection.

Speculation suggested these devices could be seen as soon as 2017.

LG is also said to be investigating foldable screens.

The company’s advances when it comes to high-end OLED TV’s technology has already begun to trickle down to their smartphone division, along with the potential to offer true edge-to-edge displays.

Given the company showed off a screen that could be rolled up like a newspaper at this year’s CES, the jump to a flexible smartphone seems smaller than ever.

With Apple are reportedly saving their next major design innovation for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary in 2017, even they can’t escape the rumours of foldable display tech.

If true, this would make the biggest improvement the company have made to their mainline products since they introduced the retina display.

In fact, it might even be accurate to call it the biggest change to the form factor of the iPhone since its introduction. 

With Samsung’s next flagship phablet set to feature a curved edge screen, perhaps smartphone manufacturers are finally ready to break away from the design conventions forged almost a decade ago.

We’ll know soon enough.

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