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Content Apps Ask Apple To Be Treated The Same As Amazon

In an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Digital Content Next – a non-profit international trade association for the digital content industry – has called on the tech giant to treat all app developers as they treat Amazon.

In July it was revealed that Apple only charges Amazon 15% of the revenue made from its Amazon Prime Video app for customers who sign up through the iPhone app, and no cut for users that already subscribed via Amazon or somewhere else.

By comparison, Apple takes 30% of revenue from most subscriptions in its App Store, with this falling to 15% after the first year.

“We would like to know what conditions our members – high quality digital content companies – would need to meet in order to qualify for the arrangement Amazon is receiving for its Amazon Prime Video app in the Apple App Store,” Jason Knit, CEO of Digital Content Next, wrote.

“In response to Rep. Hank Johnson’s question on whether the arrangement afforded Amazon is ‘available to any app developers,’ you responded affirmatively that they are available to ‘anyone meeting the conditions.’”

This comes as the App Store feud between Epic Games and Apple ramps up. Earlier this week Apple threatened to terminate Epic’s developer account.

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