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Oz Customers Shifting From Post-Paid To Pre-Paid Mobiles

For the first time ever, prepaid mobile phones have overtaken their post-paid counterparts in customer satisfaction, according to new data from Roy Morgan.

“We highlighted the trend of Australians turning to pre-paid mobile phones a year ago and this trend has continued. Now, 33% use this type of mobile plan and, importantly, satisfaction with pre-paid mobile phones has overtaken the more widely used post-paid for the first time,” said Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine.

Over the year to March 2020, satisfaction with prepaid mobile phones rose by 3.7% to 76.8%, while post-paid declined by 2% to 75.6%.

However, the majority of Australians still use post-paid mobile phones at 56.8%, though this is down from 57.5% in 2017.

“Pre-paid mobile phones offer consumers greater control over their spending. The onset of COVID-19 has plunged Australia into its first recession for nearly 30 years and this economic contraction will force many to cut costs and closely watch their spending – including on mobile phone plans,” said Levine.

“The high customer satisfaction with third-party mobile phone providers such as ALDImobile, TPG, and Boost, which rely primarily on a pre-paid model, puts these providers in a prime position in a financially constrained environment.

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