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Consumers Slow To Adopt 8K, Low Shipment Figures

Despite major tech companies such as Samsung and LG building hype around them, 8K televisions are failing to entice consumers as of yet.

According to an Omdia research report, 2021 saw only 350,000 8K televisions shipped to dealers internationally. This equates to only 0.15% of all TV shipments.

The primary source of 8K televisions is Samsung, with 65% of that 350,000 being Samsung products. Interestingly though, despite Japan being the only country in the world that offers 8K TV broadcasts, Samsung didn’t ship 8K televisions to Japanese dealers.

Based on current trends, only 2.7 million households worldwide are expected to have 8K televisions by 2026. This is due to the lack of reason to purchase an 8K television due to a minimal amount of content, as well as prices being high and accessibility low.

Content producers, due to the low audience, are also not looking to develop content for the high-resolution platform, due to economic limitations and a lack of people able even view it. 4K UHD is already an economic pressure point for TV producers, making 8K highly impractical or beneficial.

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