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COMPUTEX: Intel Preview 8-Core, 5GHz CPU Among New Chips

Intel has provided a sneak preview of some of its new products that will take centre stage during its keynote presentation at this week’s COMPUTEX.

The company is emphasising integrated graphics, artificial intelligence, and overclocking abilities as it attempts to fend off a resurging AMD for command over the processor space, with the new processors to start shipping this year.

Among the new processors is the i9-9900KS, a special edition 8-core, 5GHz chip Intel claims is the best desktop gaming processor available and a clear shot at AMD’s Ryzen line.

AMD is set to unveil its 3rd generation update to Ryzen today.

With PC gaming growing in popularity, Intel is looking to be seen as the superior performer.

Intel claims its new 10nm Ice Lake processors are expected to provide integrated graphics performance up to double the performance of Intel’s Gen 9 graphics.

The new integrated graphics won’t completely eliminate the need for a dedicated GPU, particularly for more demanding titles, but Intel claims the new processors are capable of full HD (1920×1080) on lower quality settings for a number of recent games.

The company did mention some of these titles may have been optimised to perform better on Intel hardware.

Ice Lake also includes Thunderbolt 3 and Wi-Fi 6 integration.

Intel has designed the processors for better performance in AI applications, splitting learning and instruction functions across the CPU and GPU.

AI has also been on the agenda for its enterprise focused Xeon processors, with the 2nd-gen Xeon Scalable processors getting up to 14 times faster than the previous generation.

Intel is also continuing its work with software optimisation to help developers create programs and games perform better on its hardware, which is a big contributor to the performance increases.

“For every order of magnitude performance potential of a new hardware architecture there are two orders of magnitude performance enabled by software,” said Intel’s chief architect and senior vice president of Architecture, Software and Graphics Raja Koduri.

Intel will deliver its keynote presentation at COMPUTEX on May 28.

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