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Cyber Crimes Step Up The Pace

Cyber Crimes Step Up The Pace

The just-released Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report says 3.7 million Australians were impacted by online crime in the last year.

Mark Gorrie, director of Norton by Symantec Pacific region, said ransomware made up a large part of online crime, and believes it will continue to grow.

He said many of the victims are paying to recover their data, meaning the cyber criminals are finding their tactics successful – and will keep coming.

Separately, credit information and data analytics group Veda yesterday reported that health companies and retailers will be the biggest targets of cybercrims  in Australia next year.

“Cyber criminals will become more interested in the health sector due to the wealth of data held by healthcare organisations and a perceived weakness in their cyber defences,” according to Veda’s 2015 Cybercrime and Fraud Report. 

It added: “Emboldened by successful data hacks into online retailers over the past two years, cyber criminals will continue to target the retail sector, with a particular focus on new to online retailers and main street retailers who are building an online retail channel.”