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Get Ready To Be Seriously ‘Rooted’ By Microsoft

Get Ready To Be Seriously

The fact is I did download the free version of Windows 10 and this is what you get for taking something for free.

There is no paid version of Windows that eliminates Microsoft house advertisements or stops Microsoft deleting apps that you have loaded, what you now face is Microsoft seriously rooting around your PC, collecting information and if they don’t like what they see eliminating it.

I recently had problems when my Adobe Flash and then my Adobe PDF app disappeared from my program list. 

I then dived into a number of forums only to discover that I was not alone.

A key condition of taking a free download from Microsoft is that the big US software Company who is desperately trying to nobble key PC partners with their own hardware while opening their own shops to compete with long time retail partners is that they have the right to remove software from your machine, whether you like it or not. 

The big brother approach in trying to control what consumers use and what advertising is splashed in front of you is alive and well at Microsoft.  

A visit to the forums reveals that a large number of users are reporting that the latest Windows 10 software update is deleting user-installed programs.

Windows users have taken to forums, complaining about software being removed from their machines without permission.

According to the reports, completing the Windows 10 November update – the first major update to the software – resulted in the loss of programs.

Here’s what one Reddit user – /u/supernoodles2011 – posted:

“So I just did the new ‘Fall’ update and once my PC started back up Windows automatically removed CPU-Z which I had to re-download and install and it works fine so no reason for it to have removed it.”

Three separate users – /u/TheMontyB, /u/Wintersc, and /u/Creature311 – also reported that ‘Speccy’ was removed from their machines.

Other programs reportedly removed include the Cisco VPN client, Java Eclipse Mars, HWmonitor, Intel RST software, SpyBot, CCleaner, Adobe Reader, Intel WiDI Remote, Windows 7 Minesweeper, Remote Server Tools (RSAT), the DynaDock driver, and the list goes on.

While some users reported having the issue when updating using the Windows 10 ISO, others confirmed that the problem also results from upgrading using Windows Update.

If you’ve updated to the new software, you can reportedly check which programs have been removed in the notifications area.

Microsoft hasn’t commented officially on the matter yet, but comments to GamesBeat by a Microsoft spokesperson earlier this year may shed some light: “The Microsoft Services Agreement allows Microsoft to change or discontinue certain apps or content where we deem your security is at risk”. 

“Software that is pirated or botted places the safety and security of our customers at risk, including a higher risk of malware, fraud, public exposure of personal information, and poor performance or feature malfunction. We remain committed to protecting our customers from the risks of non-genuine software and protecting the intellectual property of developers of all types of content.”

So there you have Microsoft boots and all right inside your PC.