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Cisco and Amazon Team Up With Hybrid Cloud Service

Cisco has announced via a blog post that they are collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create the Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS which allows customers who haven’t fully embraced cloud services to build applications either in the cloud or in traditional data centres while also making it simpler to move between the two.

This new service will enable customers to access their cloud and on-premises data centre with a single application with enterprise-class support.

In the last year, Cisco launched the Cisco Container Platform (CCP) and enabled Kubernetes support for other Cisco solutions including CloudCenter and AppDynamics.

The new solution provides the ability to implement AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) through the combination of the Cisco Container Platform with Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS).

This allows users to create and manage container clusters with common identity, authorisation and access control policies across their on-premises and public cloud environments.

Cisco previously partnered with Google to create network software for Google Cloud, Kubernetes was the end result of that partnership.

Google made it one of the selling points of its cloud services, but let it go as a free and open source software project managed by an independent organisation.

Amazon is legally in the right to use Kubernetes as a service but has received flack for taking open source projects and not contributing to them, Business Insider reports.

Additionally, Amazon previously partnered with VMware, a big competitor of Cisco’s, to offer another hybrid cloud computing service. By offering a Kubernetes product on AWS, Cisco pushes into VMware’s partnership with Amazon.

The new service will be available in December 2018.

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