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Chrome OS Getting Major Rework

Following on rumours that Google is working on a premium-end Pixel-branded Chromebook, reports now say that the tech giant is preparing to take a sledgehammer to the current version of Chrome OS.

As reported by Engadget, Chrome OS is tipped to receive a major rework.

The bulk of the update will reposition the Chrome experience around a new, more touch-friendly, Chrome Launcher, making it functionally less of a MacBook and more of an iPad. A leaked clip showing the new launcher can be seen below:

The move will come following last year’s major update for ChromeOS that saw it gain new compatibility with the wider Android store.

Google’s Chromebook have made a huge impact on the education market in recent years. However, they’re struggled to win over the consumer electronics crowd with Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi said to have culled Google-powered laptops from their catalogue following confusion from customers.

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