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Choose a HP Laptop Instead, Said Siri

HP has taken a cheeky dig at Apple with a new video campaign where a MacBook Pro user is having a serious conversation with the original voice of Siri over the current state of laptops from the Californian based company.

Titled HP Escape Therapy, the campaign revolves around Dave, a long-time Apple fanboy is breaking up with his MacBook who is voiced by the original voice of Siri, Susan Bennett.

Reportedly built upon the insight that almost half of recent Mac buyers have considered switching to a Windows PC before they purchased, with HP listed as the #1 brand they would choose should the pull the trigger.

Ken Maher, director of personal systems at HP Australia said the campaign was launched ‘to showcase the real HP difference in a fun, light-hearted way’, while simultaneously demonstrating its leadership and innovation in the premium laptop market, highlight features that Australians really want from their laptop.

Through the campaign conflicted Macbook user expresses his disappointment over the lack of new features in Apple’s laptop, specifying the omission of any touch screen displays (touch bar notwithstanding), concerns over webcam privacy, to innovations in the design such as different material finishes like leather.

As reported by Bandt, Dan Henry, CMO, HP South Pacific, claims the premiumisation of the Apple brand has emotionally connected its customers to the ecosystem, thus promoting its ongoing success, despite its innovating shortcomings as exemplified through the ad campaign.

According to Mr Henry, HP has to work much hard to give people an emotional reason to choose HP, perhaps this campaign is the start of the companies emotional pitch to potential customers sitting on the fence at Apple.

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